This is pretty much a suicide mission here, but what the heck.  I might as well try it!  I am going to try and hit National Blog Posting Month on here this month.  I won’t truly achieve it.  In the truest sense of it, a post has to be written every day, none can be pre or post dated.  I will be honest and up front here.  I am not going to be able to do that!  I will pre date.  (Although I am going to try not to post date!)  This month is going to be a zoo of a month.  I have a surgical procedure coming up, my husband is leaving, and the kids are I will travel some this month (as we do most months!)  But, as we embark on this new journey in our lives, I want to make this blog active.  I want to work on networking and meeting other bloggers within the milispouse arena.  I want to find a support network.  So, I will spend some time this month telling a little more about me and my family.  (I do still intend to keep this blog anonymous, so no names or pictures.)

Sit back.  Enjoy the ride.  And feel free to comment (with a link to your blog if you have one) so I can get to know some others who are reading!


One thought on “NaBloPoMo

  1. Glad you’re doing this! I know how valuable my nline support group (many of whom turned great IRL friends)was during the adoption process. It will be even more so now with you becoming an Army wife! Yes, it helps to have friends who listen, but it will be great to have other moms who are living in the same circumstances and some who have more experience with military life.

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