Change of Plans

I have already gotten my first dose of military plans.  They tend to change, often I am told!  Originally Armydad was told he would be going to one location.  He would then stay there for OCS.  I started looking into things in that area, trying to figure out how the kids and I could get there for graduations and such.  Then Armydad got a call telling him he was going to BCT at another location.  This location was much closer, only 4 or 5 hours by car from our house.  I was excited!  The boys and I would be able to drive over for graduation without a problem!  (And, I could drive over to pick Armydad up for Christmas Exodus.)  He would then move to a different location for OCS.

Last week, he was talking to the recruiter.  The recruiter casually said, “So, you know you are going to BCT at ***, right?”  *** was the first location we were told.  So, the recruiter double checked and texted Armydad yesterday to let him know.  He is going to the original location and will stay at the same location for OCS.  Now, less than a month out, I am rethinking everything.  Chances are, I will not be able to take the boys down there for both BCT and OCS graduation.  I know Armydad will be so disappointed not to see them.  But, it is far enough, that I think we will need to fly.  I don’t think I can drive that far alone with the kids.  And, I also need to find money for Armydad to fly home for Christmas Exodus.

I have heard this is common with the military!  Thankfully we have not had any change of dates.  This is the same date, just different location.  I think this is the first of many changing dates / locations for us!  Oh well, roll with the punches and don’t plan too far in advance, right?


One thought on “Change of Plans

  1. Wonder if he could catch an Army flight home/to an nearby city. My dad used to do that – catch a hop. But maybe that’s only for officers, and he wouldn’t be able to while he’s in basic.

    I can’t remember if they’re cheap or free……

    Or maybe his fam and yours would pitch in for tickets instead of C’mas presents for you all!

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