Never Forget

Nine years ago, I was a sophomore in college.  I got up that morning like any other and headed for the showers.  My roommate got out of the shower a few minutes ahead of me, so she had the news on in our room when I returned.  I walked in just after the first plane hit.  She looked at me in amazement and told me what happened.  My response, “How can a pilot miss that huge building?  What was he doing?”  She looked at me like I had three heads and told me it was probably intentional.  Almost immediately after she told me that, a second plane appeared on the screen.

It was a surreal day.  I went to my first class.  After that, all classes were cancelled.  We had a mass on the quad later in the day.  (I attended the most well known Catholic university in the country…)  I was scared.  I feared where the next attack would happen.  Would my university get hit on the next football Saturday?  There are 10’s of thousands of people there for the games.  It was just all so scary.

Today I still remember those feelings.  I am thinking of those who lost their lives, those who lost their family members.  But, I am also thinking of the brave people serving our country.  Those that were already serving.  Those that joined as a result of that day.  Those (like my husband) who chose to join for other reasons.  I am so thankful for all those serving.


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