Ho Hum

Nothing new to report.  I feel like it is still so far away, this army like thing.  We are about 4 months from Armydad leaving.  Then several more months from me and the boys joining him.  I have so much to do, so much to learn.  Yet, it is too soon.  We are at a standstill.

The house is still on the market.  We have had a ton of showings, but no bites yet.  It is still up in the air what we will do once the house sells.  I was thinking of moving in with my parents, but am not sure that is really the best move.  I think I need my own space.  I think I have mentioned previously, but we are licensed foster parents.  We currently have 2 little girls living with us.  Part of the reason I am leaning away from living with my parents is so I could continue fostering.

I want to get on with this.  I want to get this life started.  I want to know where we will be living.  I hate the lame duckness of this time.  Joining the army is a done deal, yet Armydad is not really in the army.  I am trying to enjoy this time with him because I know once he leaves, I will regret wishing the time away…


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