Hair cut

Armydad has very healthy, very thick hair that grows VERY quickly.  We learned long ago that his hair cut schedule is not cost friendly to us.  So, I began doing it myself.  He needs a haircut with guard sizes 2 and 3 about every 3 weeks.  Today was hair cut day.  Armydad asked to just buzz it with a 1 this time.  He wanted to let his head get some sun so he won’t have a completely white head when he has to begin shaving it.  (He is also one of those disgusting people who tans by looking out the window at the sun, unlike Casper the ghost- me.)  So, we buzzed it.  It looks good.  Really not that much different going to 1.  But he left a few minutes later to run to the gas station.  He got asked if he was military!  I guess maybe it is more noticeable than I thought!  (He also had one person at work ask if his ship date got moved up to tomorrow!)


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