I guess we have gone public now.  Everyone knows.  One of the neighbors asked me tonight if Armydad had left yet.  He does not leave for another ~6 months.  Kind of wishing we weren’t public because I don’t want to answer questions about where we are moving to.  We may not know where we are moving to a year or more.  Not sure exactly how long Armydad’s training will take…

Armydad told me I could announce it on Facebook.  I told him, “No thanks.”  I am proud of him.  I am happy about our decision.  But what am I supposed to do?  Put up a status that says, “I will be an Army wife in about 6 months?”  No thank you.  I will wait until he leaves and then announce that I am an Army wife.

(And, sorry to be MIA.  Not much to blog about for the next ~6 months…)


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