No, No, NO!

Last night I watched one of my favorite shows, Private Practice.  Usually there would be no reason to write about that show on here, my Army blog.  Not so this week.  I could not believe it.  I knew it was coming.  I knew the wife was going to ask them to find something wrong with her husband.  It was like a train wreck that I could not look away from.  And then it happened.  And I was pissed!

I am not yet officially an Army wife.  I have never gone through a deployment.  But we did a lot of talking, a  lot of soul searching, a lot of praying before coming to this decision.  I know my husband will have deployments.  I know he will be in dangerous locations.  I know I will miss him and wish he was home.  I might even secretly wish for him to have a reason he cannot return to a war zone.  But, I accepted this life.  I could never ask a doctor to find a reason for him not to return.  I could never ask my husband to give up his career and his fellow soldiers.  From what I have seen, heard, and been told, a soldier cannot just walk away from his unit.  That unit becomes another family.

It makes me mad when shows do this kind of stuff.  (And I could not help but think, “Where is Tricare?  Where are the Army docs?  They are not going to just let any old surgeon work on a soldier and make him unfit for duty.”)

Ask me again in a few years.  Maybe I will feel differently.  I doubt it though.  I am a firm believer in ‘when it is our time to go, we go.’  So, even if I keep my husband in a bubble, he will go when he is supposed to go.  Iraq, Afghanistan, in the car on the way to W*l-M*rt, doesn’t matter, his time will come.


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