I just realized how much I have to learn…

On Sunday, the father of a friend was talking to Armydad.  He is past-Army.  (How do you say that?  He did not retire, but did serve.  Former, I guess?)  Anyway, he was telling Armydad a story about his time in the army.  He was using some Army slang and abbreviations.  Here is what I took from the story: ‘He was on a boat and ordered a pizza.  He had to go pick it up and ran into a retired Army person.’  I am no where even close!  Armydad looked at me like I was nuts as he said, “Armymomma, this is the Army.  Soldiers are not stationed on boats in the Army.”  What he actually said:  he was on post, ordered a pizza, had to go to the gate to get it because the delivery person was not allowed on post.  When he got there, the person working the gate was the man who was in charge of his basic training class.  He recognized him by his voice!  He was telling Armydad that he would never forget the voice of his basic person.  (Ummm, what do you even call that person?)

Wow, I was far off!  So, I got online and found the pdf book for spouses.  It has a short (~3 pages) glossary.  I know a few of the terms.  (Doesn’t everyone know AWOL?  And TV really does teach you things because I recognized some terms from NCIS.)  But, most I do not know.  I guess I need to study in the next few months…


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