Army Wives

I watched the season premiere of Army Wives.  It has been one of my favorite shows since its original premiere.  I used to joke to Armydad that he should join the Army so I could be an Army wife like the women on TV.  I know it is fiction.  I know real Army life will be much different. 

Watching this time was a little different.  The scenes in Iraq hit me harder than they have before.  I was watching with Armydad and kept wondering what he was thinking.  I know he will be deployed.  He could go to Iraq.  He could go elsewhere.  He will see things like we saw on Sunday night.  Probably, he will see much worse things.  It was hard for me to watch.  It was hard for me to think of what he has coming.

Don’t get me wrong, though.  I am still absolutely obsessed with the show and will not miss a minute!  And?  I am still secretly hoping my life will look like Pamela, Roxy, Denise, or Claudia Joy’s!


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