We have a change of plans…  We have decided not to sell the house yet.  I called around yesterday looking for apartments.  The pickings are slim for us to be able to stay in the same town, allowing Thing1 to stay in the same school.  So, what is our plan now?  To have no plan!  Sounds great, huh?  We will put the house on the market around the time Armydad leaves.  Then I will decide what to do from there.  I could move in with my parents, but they live 2 1/2 hours away.  New school for Thing1, new doctors for us all, new friends, etc.  I could try then to find an apartment.  If nothing else I could move to the next city over and still be close to doctors and friends.  And maybe if it is the middle of the school year, his school would allow me to bring him and pick him up.  (A pain because I LOVE the bus, but worth it if it is the only option.)  I just don’t know.  I was looking for a 3 bedroom apartment.  You see, we are currently foster parents and we have 2 little girls placed with us.  I would like to have room for the girls to stay with us.  So, I might end up giving up the fostering when Armydad leaves and then I could get a 2 bed apartment, which would make it cheaper and easier to find one.

I will figure it out, eventually.  I am a little relieved not to have to list the house now!  By the time Armydad leaves, the boys will be a little older, a little more able to clean up, more flexible with being able to disappear for a showing.  It will all work out.  It always does!


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