Hello Perk!

We got our first Army perk today!  While traveling over Christmas my van got hit by a rock or something.  There was a small crack.  We did not have the spare money to fix it, so we ignored it.  It turned into about a 12 inch crack.  We recently got our tax check back, so Armydad took the van in today.  There was an Army sticker on the door of the shop.  So, he asked if they give discounts.  They do!  They knocked about $75 off the price of the new windshield!

Sure, in the grand scheme of things, $75 is not a lot.  But it is so nice to see shops supporting our troops in this way.  It is nice because Armydad will be taking a slight pay cut.  It is nice that we are not even really in yet and are already getting special treatment and perks!  It is nice.


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