Hello world!

This is my first blog post on here.  Not my first blog post in my life, just my first here.  But I won’t share other blogs I have written.  Why you ask?  Due to the sensitive nature of my husband’s upcoming career change, this blog needs to be anonymous.  I need a place to write, to journal, to record the happenings of this change and the feelings brought about.  But I do not want this blog to ever be discovered and impact his career.  So this is us in a nutshell: Armydad- currently he works in the service industry.  Three days ago he was officially accepted into and signed up for the Army.  He does not leave for several months.  He will be an officer.  I am Armymom.  I stay at home with my children.  I love to bake, sew, and scrapbook.  I really lead a pretty boring life.  And then come the kids: Thing 1 and Thing 2.  They are both boys, both balls of energy, both lights of my life.  I hope to have more Thing(s) in the future, but time will tell on that one.

Armydad and I are late twenties, been married for a while.  He has had a successful career for several years, but we both felt our lives needed to change.  We were not feeling at peace with our place in life.  After many months of thinking, praying, and researching, we felt we were being led to the army world.  It is a scary path we are about to embark on.  I have never been home alone with the kids for weeks / months on end without my husband.  I have lived in one state for my entire life.  So this?  It is going to rock my world.  But I am also hopeful for all of the positive ways it can rock my world.  I am hoping to make close, lifelong relationships with other women.  I am hoping my boys will learn to be adaptable people and will know how to show respect.

I have fears.  Many, many fears.  The divorce rate is high in the armed forces.  We have been married for a while and we have a very strong realtionship, but a part of me fears the strain.  I am, of course, scared my husband may die in the line of duty.  I am worried about how I will handle extended periods of time alone with my kids.  It is all so new.  I am sure there are things I should be scared about, but I don’t know they exist yet!

A part of me wishes Armydad was leaving right away.  Then I would not have as long to think, worry, and fret.  But a part of me is also so glad he will be here for a bit.  We are hoping to get our house sold before he leaves.  He will get me and the Things set up in an apartment so he and I will not have to worry about the housing market and moving while he is gone.

I will probably only be on here sporadically for a while.  Once he leaves, I will need this outlet much more.  Until then, our lives are status quo…


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